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When it comes to building Android apps, Java is the coding language of choice for bringing those projects to life. However, while that tried-and-true programming discipline can get the job done, the reality is that Java is almost 30 years old. And frankly, it’s showing some of its age in its slightly cumbersome, error-prone, slow to adapt structure.

That’s why Android app makers have embraced Kotlin as Java 2.0. Based on the fundamentals of Java, Kotlin is a new-school language that fixes a lot of the problems developers have with Java. Learners can join the cutting-edge of web creators with the training in this Android App Development with Kotlin Bootcamp Bundle.

Even if you’ve never heard of Kotlin or created an Android app before, this three-course package with almost 24 hours worth of training can introduce you to this powerful language and all the steps for building your own Android apps from the ground up.

The training starts with the Kotlin For Android Development: Learn Kotlin From Scratch course, which holds a course rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Kotlin novices, this training was constructed for you, explaining the ins and outs of using the language to develop mobile apps for Android devices.

In Android App Development Course with Kotlin: Android A-Z, the focus shifts from learning Kotlin to actually using Kotlin. This course includes hands-on lectures on developing for Android users using Kotlin by exploring Android Studio, its components, and the life cycle of an app. When you’re finished, this training will even help users submit their new creation to Google Play and make it available for purchase.

Finally, Android App Development with Kotlin: Intermediate Android levels up the education, featuring advanced ideas using Kotlin building off what you learned in the previous courses. This course has even more hands-on practice in developing advanced Android applications using a web integrated, online database and covering topics like fragments, data transfer between screens, and more.

The Android App Development with Kotlin Bootcamp Bundle is an excellent starting point in anyone’s Android app education – not to mention being incredibly wallet-friendly too. Regularly $600, shoppers can save an additional 20% off the already discounted price by using the code CYBER20, bringing the price down to just $10.39.

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